Tips to ship your repair safely to Montano’s Antique Glass Repair

We have been having items shipped to us wrapped very poorly. They arrive more broken than when they were put in the box to ship to us. We found this great video on YouTube that explains very simply how to pack a fragile item.

They recommend double-walled boxes. In lieu of a double-wall box, use the double-box method. Place the box holding your item in another box that is at least 2″ bigger in size around the inner box. Fill with packing peanuts or newspaper so the inner box is cushioned and will not shift around in the outer box.

A big no, no in shipping items broken in pieces is not to put all the pieces in a plastic bag. The broken pieces will rub against each other in shipping and arrive in more pieces than when placed in the plastic bag. Broken pieces can be placed on a piece of tissue one at a time and then rolled up in the tissue and then the rolled package can be wrapped again in bubble wrap. Broken pieces have sharp edges and will poke through tissue.

Make sure that the packing material around your box is firm. Packing peanuts compress as the box is moved around in the shipping process. Shake down the peanuts as you fill the box with them so they fill up any empty spaces in the box.

Detailed Shipping Information

Let’s use a goblet as an example. The stem of a goblet should be cushioned by wrapping paper around it giving it some support. Crushed tissue paper should be placed in the bowl of the goblet. Then roll the goblet in small bubble wrap a couple of times. You want to make sure that the top edge has cushioning. Place the goblet in a box. If you have more than one goblet they can be placed in the same box.

Fill the box with packing peanuts so that there are peanuts around the item or items. At least 2 inches minimum from the side of the box. You want to make sure that the item does not shift in the box. But the packing peanuts should not be so tight that pressure could cause damage.

After the first box is done place it in another box with at least 2″ to 3″ in space around it. We strongly recommend double boxing items. Items may shift in the box or if they are heavy they can puncture the box. If they are contained in an inner box they should not shift in transit.

Whatever method you use, single box or double box, when you close the top lid make sure there is enough room at the top of the box so it does not bulge. Remember shippers stack boxes and if your item is pushing the top of the box up the pressure of other boxes placed on your box can cause damage.

If you have a bowl, fill the bowl with paper and then wrap in bubble, double box and ship. Make sure to give support to any fragile areas when shipping figurines or statues. If you have a light item and a heavy item you can box them separately and then place them both in an outer box or ship in two separate boxes.

Please do not use plastic bags to cushion or wrap around a broken item. Sharp edges can puncture plastic and cause damage to the box. We have seen this happen when an item is not double boxed. A sharp broken item can cut through the plastic and works its way through the cardboard box as it is transported across the country. If you do not have tissue paper newspaper works well and gives us extra reading material. Paper towels work well also.

Please enclose your information, name, address, phone, and email. Sometimes we get items with no info inside the box. And the only info we have on the outside of the box is the name of the shipping company. Also please let us know how many items are in the box and what you would like done. We want to make sure we have all items and any parts or pieces accounted for.

If you are shipping a bowl that is cracked please run some painters tape or masking tape across the crack. This will keep it together if the crack continues in transit. Also make sure that broken items are separated from each other by wrapping in tissue or paper and then wrapping in bubble. More damage can occur during transport if parts of a broken item rub against each other.

Soft sided shipping envelopes are not the best to way ship items in as they give no support to the item. And the item will shift in the envelope and that can cause more damage. Same with shipping in shoe boxes. There just isn’t any sidewall support.

We try to keep postage within the same price as you paid to ship to us. Sometimes it maybe a couple of dollars more because we double box or package it differently after it is repaired. We try and re-use your boxes, but sometimes we are not able to as a repaired item is now somewhat bigger than when it was shipped to us.

Insurance for shipping packages can be purchased when you ship. If you do not want insurance it is always a good idea to at least have a tracking number. That way you will know that we receive it.