Reviews of Montano’s Antique Glass Repair

  1. Candlesticks arrived safely and look great. Thanks.
    — Phyllis (3-29-2023)
  2. We received the repaired wine goblet. It is beautifully recovered! Thank you so much. I was so worried I would not have a complete set but you achieved that for me. Again, thank you. Kind Regards,
    — Ruth (3-14-2022)
  3. Hello, Thank you so much for the repaired crystal! I am so happy to have both items back where they can be enjoyed once again. I am so happy with the repairs – i did not think it was possible. I am most grateful to you, and appreciative of your craft!
    — Henrietta (2-18-2023)
  4. Hello Wayne/Jan, EXCELLENT repair work and packing!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks,
    — Ron (1-10-2023)
  5. Jan and Wayne, Thank you so much for repairing my perfume bottle dauber! I received it yesterday which was my birthday, I’m so please with how you were able to save it and return it to its former beauty. Thanks,
    — Ann (1-4-2023)
  6. Package was received, glass looks great Thanks again.
    — Rick (12-2-2022)
  7. My bowl arrived today! Thank you so much; it looks great!
    — Karen (11-17-2022)
  8. The punch bowl arrived today and I am so thrilled to see the repair! You worked a miracle, and I am tremendously grateful to you both! Warmest regards,
    — Kacie (11-7-2022)
  9. Pitcher made it in, and it looks fabulous //// THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!
    — Larry (10-13-2022)
  10. Jan and Wayne, My lid arrived on Friday Oct 7. It looks great. The replacement knob that you put on the lid is perfect. Your work saved the vase and lid for me. I can never thank you enough for repairing this sentimental item for me. I will keep your contact information to reach out to you if I ever break another item. It was a pleasure getting to work and talk with you both. Take care and thank you again for the excellent craftsmanship in my repair.
    — Dennis (10-13-2022)
  11. Hi, Glass arrived safely. Thank you for the care in packing. Folks, I’m duly impressed- most specifically with that blue dauber – I wasn’t sure it could ever look this good. Great work. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to get this great glass restored. Until next time, may life treat you well.
    — Chris (9-19-2022)
  12. Hello Jan & Wayne, The lid arrived safely this afternoon. You’ve done a wonderful job on the lid! Thank-you both so much. All the best.
    — Den (7-6-2022)
  13. We got it! Thank you so much…it looks great!
    — Karen (7-6-2022)
  14. Good morning, Jan & Wayne, I wanted to let you know that Brook and Tom received their vase back that you shipped to Tennessee. They couldn’t be any more pleased with it. We appreciate the great care you took in repairing this sentimental gift for them.
    — Beth (6-29-2022)
  15. Hello. Stopper arrived the repair is great thank you so much. I was heartbroken when the damage occurred that little perfume bottle is one my favorites. Thank you very much for restoring it for me. Best regards,
    — Jeanmarie (4-24-2022)
  16. Hello. I received the glasses today and they are absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for the wonderful job and I know who to recommend or have do similar work for me in the future. Best regards,
    — Ed (3-15-2022)
  17. Hi, The glass arrived today. It looks absolutely perfect! Thanks,
    — Jan (3-1-2022)
  18. I received the ink today. Thanks very much for an outstanding job.
    — Dave (01-06-22)
  19. Many years ago, I broke the shade of an antique table lamp that I received from my special great-aunt’s estate. I mean, it was broken into “a thousand” little pieces. I found the Montanos on the internet and contacted them with almost no hope of having the “thousand pieces–some SO tiny” ever together again. Wayne said that he could do it. So with the thought that at least I had tried my best to repair the damage to my family treasure, I sent the shade and all the pieces to him. When the day came that the shade was returned, I literally cried. It was UNBELIEVEABLE! My shade was back in one piece! And when unlit, it is hard to tell that the shade has ever been broken. That’s pretty close to a miracle to me. And it means so much that it is still my great aunt’s ORIGINAL shade that I saw in her room for so many years as a child. Since then I have sent several items to Jan and Wayne to repair and I am never disappointed. They have repaired special salt-and-pepper shakers and items that I treasure from my youth. It doesn’t seem to matter that these things are old but maybe not so valuable to anyone but me–the work on them is still perfect! I would happily recommend their work (and I do) to anyone. You won’t find better for glass repair.
    — Jeanne (11-11-21)
  20. Hi just wanted to let you know I received my package I cannot tell you how thrilled I was with the work you did. You guys are awesome thank you very very much.
    — Linda (11-21-21)
  21. Hi Jan and Wayne, The Orrefors bowl arrived today, and it looks so beautiful. I am really thrilled to have it restored. My husband bought it for his mother many years ago and then we inherited it when she passed away, but were so dismayed to see it had been damaged over the years. Thank you so much for bringing it back to life. It is an heirloom that we will pass along to our kids and their kids! (Also, thank you for all the care and attention that went into packing the bowl so it would have safe travels)
    — Carol (10-16-21)
  22. Wow, it looks great, I am so pleased. The goblet is part of a set of 6 that is displayed on a large wrought iron antique decorative piece. So happy it’s back in one piece to join the others. Thank you so much!
    — Karen (10-16-21)
  23. Hi Jan and Wayne, The package arrived and it looks amazing! Thank you so much for your great work. The piece belongs to my mother and she was thrilled to see it fixed so beautifully. Thanks again!
    — Julia (05-03-21)
  24. Dear Jan and Wayne, Thank you both! The vase stand arrived and looks beautiful. Appreciate your work so much.
    — Anne (03-24-21)
  25. Jan/Wayne: Just got the paperweight – FANTASTIC! I bookmarked your shop should I need more work to other items in the future. Best to you and yours for the holidays and New Year.
    — Mike (12-03-20)
  26. I picked up my crystal candy dish from the post office today. I am so happy to have it back in one piece. I can once again enjoy the beautiful pattern and recall some lovely memories associated with it. Thank you!! Wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday Season and a healthy and a prosperous New Year.
    — Diane (11-16-20)
  27. Hi Jan and Wayne, thanks for a great job on the vase! It’s really great to see it looking like new!
    — Jim (10-23-19)
  28. Montano’s Antique Glass Repair is an impressive small business jewel in both its repair expertise and customer service. I had a much-prized family heirloom, an exquisite World War II vintage Italian perfume bottle with a broken stopper. Living in the DC metro area one might think I could find a satisfactory local source that would meet my need. Unsuccessful I googled the country only to find glass repair businesses although customer reviews were disappointing. My extensive search finally revealed Montano’s. I emailed photos and described the repair I sought. I received almost immediate feedback from Wayne who explained several repair options. Upon receipt of my mailed package he contacted me again to provide a more detailed explanation and with great patience answered all of my many questions. With a quick turn around the job was completed at a very reasonable price. I am thrilled! A lengthy review although Jan and Wayne deserve the accolades. Montano’s Antique Glass Repair is a great find delivering quality workmanship!
    — Randi (10-2-19)
  29. I was really impressed with the repair on the bowl. I never expected it to be as good as it was. Thank you,
    — Don (9-21-19)
  30. Jan and Wayne: Thanks for fixing my mom’s old whiskey glasses. They look great and will have a new, useful life. All the best,
    — Lee (7-25-19)
  31. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job repairing Grandma’s candy dish
    — MJ (7-24-19)
  32. I received the glassware. It looks beautiful! I am thrilled with how they look!
    — Cheri (7-5-19)
  33. Just opened everything, great job!!!! Looks awesome! Thanks so much!
    — Marcie (6-24-19)
  34. Thank you very much for restoring part of my history to me. Cleaned out the china cabinet and put the bowls in places of honor. Thanks again! Best regards,
    — Frank (6-14-19)
  35. Exceptional quality, great service. They fixed an antique glass for us. The service, follow up and price were exceptional. Highly recommend.
    — Adam (6-3-19)
  36. Received my cat back and am so very pleased with the repair work you did! It looks brand new! Thank you very much!
    — Keitha (5-6-19)
  37. Many thanks for the speedy service and most excellent repairs! We received the package today and everything is perfect!
    — Sally (4-18-19)
  38. THANK YOU for breathing life back into my Nana’s Vase. ♥️🕊
    — Robbyn (4-5-19)
  39. Hello, my decanter arrived today in excellent shape. The packing job done to ship it to me was above par and did its job well. THANK YOU!! Also, many, many thanks for the excellent job on removing the engraving on the decanter. One would never know it had been engraved at one time. I would like to recommend your services to anyone else that might be looking for them. Is there a website where I can do so? Thank you again!!
    — Luann (3-29-19)
  40. Good morning! I received the bowl today and it looks wonderful! Thank You! I would definitely use your services again as well as recommend you to others. Again, thank you and take care!
    — Linda (3-23-19)
  41. Thank you very much for this. I really appreciate your craftsmanship.
    — Susan (3-22-19)
  42. Thank you so much! The package just arrived and I am thrilled with your work. The pieces look like new. The goblet is the most impressive and is important to us because it belongs to a set from my husband’s great-grandmother. Best regards,
    — Fran (3-18-19)
  43. Jan and Wayne, Just opened the box with the bottle you repaired and it looks amazing. Thank you for the time and effort you put forth. It is now a very nice looking bottle with a bit of history. I am sure there will be more as time goes on. Thanks once again. Amazing work both as a team and separately!!
    — Jerry (3-11-19)
  44. I received the vase yesterday. Tell Wayne he hit the ball out of the park on this one. Fantastic restoration on the vase. Much appreciation on the job you did for me.
    — Steve (3-1-19)
  45. Box has arrived and the vase does look really good!
    — Claude (2-15-19)
  46. The birds arrived intact and looking good. Thanks so much.
    — Mark (1-19-19)
  47. We received the vase. It is fantastic! You can’t even tell it was broken! My husband is thrilled. It has been in his family ever since he can remember and it looks like new again. Can’t tell you how grateful we are! Happy New Year and thank you so much again!
    — Jan (01-08-2019)
  48. The Shade arrived looks AMAZING you are magicians lol.Please let me know where to leave reviews.
    — Mike (12-26-2018)
  49. We got the compote. It looks wonderful. So glad I found you. Thank you so much, I’ll be sure to pass your name to anyone that needs something repaired. Again, thank you very much. Hope you had a beautiful Christmas and have a great New Year.
    — Nancy (12-18-2018)
  50. We have received it, thank you so much it looks great.
    — Irene (12-18-2018)
  51. Just a quick note to let you know my package arrived today. It looks great! Many thanks again!
    — Pat (12-02-2018)
  52. Hello, The Lino does look perfect! Thank you so much, Wayne.
    — Susan (11-26-2018)
  53. We received the candy bowl today, and it looks beautiful! Thank you so much for your work to fix it.
    — Vince and Priscilla (10-24-2018)
  54. Received the package safe & sound. The crystal tumbler looks like NEW! Thank you so much.Lauren (10-21-2018)
  55. OMG Wayne and Jan. Just opened. Your work is just ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I am SO APPRECIATIVE. G-d bless you both!!
    — Marcus (10-15-2018)
  56. Items arrived today in excellent condition. You are indeed a “magician” on these tops. I do have several more items to send, along with several from a couple of other folks. It will take me a bit to put them all together, but I will let you know when they are ready to ship.
    — Dave (09-25-2018)
  57. Got them they look fantastic. Thanks.
    — Dena (09-08-2018)
  58. Thank you, very much, for all the great repairs! All of the bottles arrived safely! We do have another few but we will wait until we have a few more collected (I think) and then send those off to you. Thanks, again, for the most professional repairs and excellent service.
    — Sally (08-20-2018)
  59. The box arrived today. I’m very pleased. Thank you so much.
    — Bill (08-09-2018)
  60. Received both boxes Monday and just wanted to let you know how please I was with your work again! Thanks so much!
    — Rick (08-09-2018)
  61. I got the barometer safely and it looks great. Thank you.
    — Joe (08-03-2018)
  62. The bottle looks wonderful! I appreciate your efforts and time.
    — Judy (08-01-2018)
  63. All arrived in great shape. I really have to credit Wayne on his skills as a sculptor the way he refashioned the ears on the boxer. I always appreciate the fine work you both do for me.
    — Nelson (07-08-2018)
  64. Sorry this has taken me so long to tell you the everything came in perfect order and looks fabulous. You can barely see where you put the new glass on the bottom glass piece. You are wonderful and thanks.
    — Sheri (07-05-2018)
  65. Glasses arrived safely yesterday. They look just beautiful! Thank you!
    — Lynn (06-29-2018)
  66. Received my goblet in perfect shape. You guys did an awesome job. You can’t even tell where you fix it. So thank you!
    — Diane (06-01-2018)
  67. My wife and I are in amazement at your artistry! The bottle looks fantastic! Its also very clean the color evident. We would both have to disagree, hour work is magical. Glass requires an artist to make it and an artist to repair and restore it.
    — Roger (04-29-2018)
  68. Package arrived, looks fantastic-thank you so much!
    — Deborah (04-25-2018)
  69. Nice job Wayne, the glass really looks great !
    — Bill (04-18-2018)
  70. The Steuben arrived safe and sound. As always a great restoration. Many thanks.
    — Chris (02-06-2018)
  71. Received my package on Saturday. Both pieces look wonderful. Thank you.
    — Michelle (02-04-2018)
  72. Hi, The punchbowl came today and it is in perfect condition! Thank you so much for your work..No one would ever be able to tell it was once damaged! My daughter is so excited about how wonderful it looks. I also appreciate the way you carry on your business… helpful,accurate, and dependable. When the need arises I will certainly use your services again
    — Lyn (01-29-2018)
  73. I was a “first time” customer of yours recently in December… (my best friend used to do repairs for me, but passed away) I had sent you 21 pieces to repair… I’m writing to say what marvelous repair-work you did for me on them, & while costs are always higher than one wants, I was TOTALLY satisfied with your artful repairs!!!
    — Larry (01-10-2018)
  74. Received the goblet back and I can barely see any repair!!! Your service is awesome. This was taken care of well before the 7/23 wedding. Thank you sooooo much!!!!!
    — Ellen (05-31-2016)
  75. The candy dish came yesterday and I wanted to thank you again so much for repairing it! It belonged to my mother-in-law and had sentimental value for my husband and he was thrilled to have it back. Thanks again so much!!! Kind Regards.
    — Tamara (04-24-2016)
  76. … it is again ensconced in my display cabinet.. It is again magnificent. A person would have to know that a repair had been made and know precisely where the repair occurred in order to see it. Even then perhaps all that could be disclosed to the unaided eye would be fruits of a fervid imagination. (Is that a curve or isn’t it). I am very pleased with your work.
    — Bruce (04-01-2016)
  77. The pink goblet arrived and looks like new! Thanks so much for your excellent repair work and the quick turnaround!
    — Scott (03-21-2016)
  78. Our Whitefriars Christmas paperweight arrived today safe & sound. I must say you will have our business in the future for the outstanding job you did. We are very pleased, thank you. “Happy Thanksgiving”. Kind Regards,
    — James & Charlene (11-25-2015)
  79. I just want to say Thank You so much! The globe looks great. So thankful this did not have to end up in the trash can. I will definitely recommend your business to anyone who needs your service.
    — Pam (10-10-2015)
    — Suan (04-20-2015)
  81. Was out yesterday,but here I am today looking at my shade. Amazing,wonderful, magical, stupendous, incredible. Have I left out any adjectives using superlatives ? If so, throw those in as well. Don’t retire before me, please. Oh, and thank you so very much.
    — Chuck (04-18-2015)
  82. Thank you for shipping the additional repairs so quickly and sending me the USPS tracking number for the package. UPS delivered the first box of repairs I sent you all, while I was out getting lunch. The repairs, as usual, look great; and the packing was, of course, excellent. Many thanks to you and Wayne for everything… all much appreciated.
    — Kent (02-20-2015)
  83. Just wanted to let you know that the decanters arrived. They look amazing. I so appreciate all the work you did. Thank you.
    — Alan (02-02-2015)
  84. Oh my goodness! My antique perfume bottle and stopper arrived today! It is beyond fabulous… you did a superior job; I can’t even tell it was ever broken. I can’t thank you enough for allowing something most precious to me to be intact again and something that I will cherish for my lifetime… thank you ever so much again.
    — Irene (01-28-2015)
  85. I wanted to take the time to let you know how pleased we are with the repairs that Wayne made to our vase. What a talent. Thank You so much.
    — Frank & Liz (11-15-2014)
  86. I just wanted to say thank you so much!! The lid looks amazing!! I can’t even tell it was broken! Thank you!!! 🙂
    — Shaelyn (11-10-2014)
  87. Stoppers arrived today. They look great. Very pleased. Thanks for a great restoration.
    — Bill W (04-10-2012)
  88. Today the inkwell arrived safe and sound. It was so beautifully wrapped and packaged for complete safety that it could have survived a fall from a 10 story building. Thank you very much for that but most importantly was the absolutely beautiful and fine job that you did Wayne or the restoration. It is perfection in every way including the polishing. Thanks to you both for the very fine work and packing and please know that I could not be more pleased. I too am a perfectionist in my Antique European Clock Restorations and so I definitely know the difference. With great respect,
    — Richard F (04-09-2012)
  89. The work could not be more beautiful. Thank you so much for your kind service and brilliant artistry. Sincerely,
    — Craig H (04-09-2012)
  90. We just wanted to let you know that the stopper and the bottle arrived today and we could not be more pleased. You are indeed an “artist” when it comes to glass repair. We will certainly be using your services again. Thank you so much for helping us with this stopper.
    — Matt M. (04-04-2012)
  91. Sea Sprite arrived yesterday, exhaustively, but safely, packed and exquisitely repaired. Once again, it’s beautiful. Thanks so much.
    — Alan M. (04-03-2012)
  92. There are not enough superlatives to tell you how wonderful I think the bottles look…and just in time for my Easter Dinner table too! The quality of your work never ceases to amaze and please me as well as how pleasant it is to do business with you. If there’s a way to post wonderful comments about you and your business on your web site I would love to do so! I have told everyone I know that if they have glass that needs repair/restoration just check with me and I know exactly who they need to contact! I have attached a photo of the bottles back in their holders so you can see the finished product. Easter Blessings to you both and thank you again!
    — Kathy E. (04-03-2012)
  93. Oh my oh my… the bottle arrived today and it is beautiful!! What a spectacular job…you are a genius!!! Now the pair is complete again and I promise to take extra good care of them from now on; they are in the china closet and the door is locked :} Thank you so very much and you may use me for a reference any time! Gratefully and sincerely,
    — Elaine F (03-26-2012)
  94. We have been overseas and just returned. We got your package with the two glasses and they are perfect. My wife was very pleased. Thanks,
    — Bob A (03-21-2012)
  95. Thank you for wonderfully restoring our blue glass vase. It was a great surprise to see how your repair returned the vase to its original condition. My wife is particularly thankful for the fine work done. It was a gift from our son. She has always loved that he carried it around Europe for a month in order to bring it home to her. Thanks for restoring that memory.
    — Dave B (03-07-2012)
  96. Received my stem ware today, they look beautiful. Put them in back of cupboard, on display. Thank you for your service.
    — Connie S (03-06-2012)
  97. Hi! The vase arrived safely, and it looks great- You’re miracle workers- Thank you so much!!!
    — Nancy D (02-29-2012)
  98. I received the decanter this afternoon and want to thank you so very much. The repair surpassed any expectation I had when I shipped it to you a while back. Your workmanship is the absolute best! Any chance I get to recommend you, consider it done. Again, thanks!!
    — w.w.w. (02-22-2012)
  99. The bowl just arrived a few minutes ago. After I unpacked it, I looked it over carefully.The bowl, as restored, is quite simply awesome! It looks absolutely great! I could hardly believe my eyes, seeing the fantastic transformation of the condition of that bowl from what it looked like when I sent it over to you all and its present restored condition. You all far exceeded any expectations I had envisioned with all the superb repairs that were done! I couldn’t be more pleased with the all the work you all did, the excellent return packing & shipping, great communication, service, professionalism and everything else! Everything about my doing business with you all was absolutely top-notch, first-class! Many thanks for everything! Best Regards,
    — Kent L. (01-25-2012)
  100. I have so many happy memories of Heather and I doing antiques together. We both came from the hi tech world which gave us both experience of working with major companies. We started our perfume bottle business with I. Magnin. But Heather and I both saw the potential of spreading it to Saks, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and the stores in Canada. We even had a plan to take our business to Harrod’s in London. We were very defensive in talking about what we were doing as we feared competition from other dealers. In retrospect that was very naive! I can now see that Heather and I were unique. Heather and I could not have built our business without you two. We could not take bottles to the leading stores that were not perfect. We knew exactly what we could buy because we knew exactly what you could do. We could not have built Vintage Antiques into a business that supplied more than 60 quality stores in North America, without the help of you two! You were the very highest class repair organization in the antiques business. Your ability to repair glass was truly phenomenal. I am sure that you are still in business as the finest glass repair company in N. America, if not the world. You deserve to go down in history as the best ever! Thank you both for being such a help to Heather and I. If you think it would be helpful to quote this message, please feel free to do so.
    — Dick Cole, Vintage Antiques (10-23-2011)
  101. I wanted to let you know that I received the package late last week. The glass looks great — I’m not even sure I can tell which is the fixed glass! I’m very happy to have it back in one piece and to use the glasses again. Thank you for all your help! Best,
    — Joanne (08-22-2011)
  102. I hope that this email ends up on your comment page. Our journey started out in Lake Tahoe, NV on the 4th of July where I purchased a vintage peanut machine with a ruby red glass top. For the next two weeks we traveled across America with that machine and other collectibles we picked up along the way. When we arrived home I started to dismantle the peanut machine for a complete restoration, that is when I cracked the ruby red top. So I started searching the web when I found Montanos Glass Repair, off it went to Idaho. Well, it just arrived in the mail and it is like new, it is unbelievable! Great job!
    — Mike (08-14-2011)
  103. Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with my repairs. . . I’m SO glad you’re there. Can’t wait to see what I send you next. Hope the rest of your year is prosperous and happy.
    — Gail J. (08-10-2011)
  104. I received my package this afternoon in great shape. Now I see how I need to pack things to send to you. I could not believe my eyes. What a magnificent job you did on both pieces. I was simply amazed at the pitcher. YOU ARE MASTERS!!! Thank you again! Best,
    — John N (08-05-2011)
  105. I received the globes today-beautiful job-thank you.
    — Charlene (08-04-2011)
  106. Thank you for the fabulous job you did restoring my Venetian chandelier. I greatly value and respect your expertise, and thank you for providing me with exceptional customer service. Please let me know if I may provide a review for you on Google. Usually I am able to provide a review, but I cannot seem to find the link with Google. I am not on Facebook. Thank you again, Wayne and Jan. I’ll send you a picture of the chandelier once it has been installed, so you may see your contribution to this beautiful piece of art. Warmest regards,
    — Linette R. (07-24-2011)
  107. The lamp shade arrived yesterday and it looks great. Thank you.
    — Jerry and Barb W (07-07-2011)
  108. Received – many thanks, it is a very good repair, I’m very happy to be able to display it safely now. Regards,
    — Mark W (06-20-2011)
  109. Just wanted to let you know the bowl arrived safely yesterday (Tuesday). It looks terrific and am so glad to have it back in the cabinet with its mates. Thank you so very much for a job well done.
    — Leonard C (07-15-2011)
  110. Yes, I did receive the glass today, and wow! What a great job…way beyond my expectations…Thank You!
    — Joanne T. (04-07-2011)
  111. Everything is here, unpacked and they all look great!!! Thank you so much!
    — Rebecca D (04-02-2011)
  112. Just letting you know the repaired glass arrived today. All pieces are wonderful!! I can’t believe the ear on the unicorn. Everything looks like new and I can’t thank you enough. Thanks also for the good unwrapping instructions. I let everything sit until it was warm to unwrap. I am keeping my daughters things in my china cabinet until she has a safe place to keep them (away from her cats) Again I thank you and am so pleased. I will certainly recommend you.
    — Sandy (03-30-2011)
  113. They arrived and look great. Thank you!
    — Michelle C. (03-30-2011)
  114. I received the perfume bottle repair and it was repaired perfectly. I am very pleased. Thank you so much for your assistance!
    — Donna O’Connor (02-11-2011)
  115. The decanters arrived in perfect condition and I want to tell you how pleased I am. You do such quality work! Thank you!!!
    — Judy C (01-10-2011)
  116. I recieved the candy dish. It looks great! How do you do that? (By the way, you don’t charge enough) Thanks,
    — Bill M (01-09-2011)
  117. I received the blue finial today. Thank you for your beautiful craftsmanship. I am so pleased..You have magical abilities. Thank you.
    — Carolyn (06-20-2010)
  118. I received the font last night. Thanks very much! I am VERY pleased with the results!
    — Ed (06-29-2010)
  119. Wayne, you are a gEEnius. The glass repair work is incredible. Please feel free to use me as a reference.
    — Bill (06-25-2010)
  120. Thank you so much/ /I did receive my bowl in great time. The bowl looks great. Thank you so much for your help.
    — Betty (06-11-2010)
  121. I just received the repaired champagne flute and I am very pleased with the results. Thank you for such good service and a job well done.
    — Alberta (06-09-2010)
  122. The diffuser arrived safe and sound! It looks great! Thank you sooo much for saving it’s life!
    — Susan (06-05-2010)
  123. I got the cake stand. I am very happy with the repair. Thanks again.
    — Kevin (05-13-2010)
  124. The packages arrived today in good shape. Thanks again for the fabulous workmanship!
    — Chrys (05-03-2010)
  125. Received the marble and I wanted to let you know that I am very satisfied with the way it looks! Sooner or later I will be sending more your way that are in need of repair and keeping in mind the size. Many thanks for accepting the work involved. Yours truly,
    — Henry (01-23-2010)
  126. The glasses arrived safely yesterday. They look wonderful and I am grateful to you for doing such a fine job. I can now complete my sets of glasses I have with these additions. I was glad you did such a fine job of packing because my property is gated and the UPS man did not want to drive his big vehicle all the way up to my house so he brought the package inside the gate about 15 yards from the entrance. It was on a small hill and Monday we had gale force winds, it obviously rolled over several times and landed at the bottom. When he leaves them this way he usually notifies me but the power was out and also my phone so he probably could not get through. Because of the bad weather (heavy rains and wind) I did not leave my property until Tuesday when I discovered it was there. However, because of your good packing all the glasses were fine. Thank you,
    — Emily (01-20-2010)
  127. I received the lamp late yesterday — it looked wonderful; thank you so much. I have already started telling people in my condo about the terrific job you did. Regards,
    — Valerie (01-12-2010)
  128. Just to let you know that my plate arrived home safely. Thank you so much, I would not know it had been broken unless I studied it carefully – I doubt if anyone else would notice.
    — Shelley Wright, United Kingdom (01-11-2010)
  129. Happy New Year! Just a note to thank you, so much, for the wonderful repairs – greatly appreciated!
    — Sally & Bob (01-01-2010)
  130. Yippeeee!!!!!!!!!! My bottles arrived, safe and sound, and just BEAUTIFUL!!! They look Marvelous. I’m so Happy… What a Great Christmas gift. Thank you so much for your time and care in repairing my bottles. I will be in touch with you for future repairs. Thanks again, so much.
    — Cheryl (12-23-2009)
  131. I just received the basket, and it is beautiful. No one would ever know it was broken. As usual, you performed one of your miracles! Thank you, and Happy Holidays!
    — Diana (12-14-2009)
  132. I am very much impressed with the workmanship done on the birds. I’m almost glad I broke the bowl. I will highly recommend you. Thank you very much.
    — Bettie (12-04-2009)
  133. The pitcher is here safe and sound. You have done a magnificent job of restoration. Impossible to tell it was ever broken. Thank you so much.
    — John (06-29-2009)
  134. The crystal arrived yesterday in excellent condition! Congrats to whomever did the was terrific. I’m indebted to you and your organization for the magnificent, professional repairs to the Waterford. Not only are all the flaws removed, the items themselves look like they just came from the factory…amazing! We are now enjoying the carafe which is placed alongside its companion piece on our buffet. We intend to “christen” the two recent additions to our stemware with a favorite central coast wine later today. Thank you so much for your wonderful service. Now that the pieces are repaired, I feel that a huge worry has been erased. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I had a warm feeling following our first conversation that we were in “good hands”.
    — George (06-20-2009)
  135. If I didn’t tell you already, the vase looks like it never had a chip. Thank you for the perfect work. Best regards,
    — Ramiro (05-26-2009)
  136. The cake stand arrived in good shape and the repair was great. Thank you so much for fixing this much loved cake stand and also for doing it in time for our 40th Anniversary party. I have ordered a beautiful, small, wedding cake to fit the stand. Again my grateful thanks.
    — Judith (05-27-2009)
  137. My repaired lid arrived this afternoon. THANK YOU!!! It looks wonderful. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your expertise. It is one of the few things I have from my grandmother. Thanks again!
    — Margie (05-27-2009)
  138. I want to thank you for the beautiful job you did on my vase ,especially considering what you had to work with. I cant believe after 60 years of hanging on to the vase, I finally found someone who could repair it THANK YOU AGAIN Sincerely,
    — Jeanne (05-15-2009)
    P.S. Fay says, If she hadnt seen it in pieces she wouldnt see the repairs now!
  139. Just received my bowl. It’s beautiful. Never thought I’d see it together again!! Thank you so much!!!
    — Sue (05-28-2009)
  140. Cut Glass Bowl – This repair was completed by Wayne Montano ( in Emmett, Idaho. We chose Montano’s because they use an acid to fuse the pieces back in place instead of glue. Wayne tells us the bowl is usable. Amazing Repair. Many thanks to Wayne!
    — Anonymous (04-13-2009)
  141. I received the bottles in perfect condition, and the stoppers are beautiful! Many thanks for your excellent work. I will certainly contact you again when I need more stoppers. Best wishes,
    — Beverly (04-11-2009)
  142. Just a quick email to let you know that the vase arrived safely. (How could it not the way you expertly pack?)
    — Anonymous (04-09-2009)
  143. The candle stick looks fabulous. It looks better than its mate. Thank you and I will keep your name in my address book.
    — Maria (03-31-2009)
  144. The stoppers you sent for my aunt’s antique cruet bottles look and fit beautifully. She is very pleased with them. Thank you for being so accessible and giving so much attention to our order. I will recommend your business without reservation.
    — Pat (03-14-2009)
  145. Received tumbler and cross in great shape! Thank you very much. Sincerely,
    — Larry (03-13-2009)
  146. Got it – thank you… I’m so glad she’s back. My friend brought it back from Italy for me so it has great sentimental value. Thanks also for the shipping refund.
    — Diane (03-09-2009)
  147. We received the box and the repairs are just wonderful.
    — Sharon (03-05-2009)
  148. I wanted to let you know that the repairs arrived as promised. Thank you for your careful work. Sometimes Krazy Glue just won’t do the job!
    — Sara (01-31-2009)
  149. The pitcher is beautiful!. Thank you so much.
    — Ellen (01-08-2009)
  150. Tumblers arrived safely. Thank you for such prompt quality work.
    — Linda (01-08-2009)
  151. I received the package in perfect condition. Your cutting work is beautiful. I’m sure the woman glass restorer and artist I use will be so pleased. Happy holidays!
    — Whitney (12-17-2008)
  152. Got it-perfect-thanks so much.
    — Izzi (12-10-2008)
  153. Thanks so much for the great job on the stopper! From the top I can’t see the break at all and it can’t be felt either. Even from the bottom it is hard to see. Thanks again and have a great Christmas and New Year!
    — Carol (12-10-2008)
  154. Cake dish arrived today-fabulous job on repair. Appreciate it. My compliments to the repairman–thanks again.
    — Joanne (07-17-2008)
  155. Received the 2 pieces in good condition. Really pleased with how they turned out. Thanks again.
    — Donna (07-12-2008)
  156. I received the columns yesterday and unpacked them today. They are TOTALLY AWESOME. I am amazed at how well they turned out – sharp and clear. They are definitely better than the originals.
    — Pete (07-12-2008)
  157. Got em, love em, thanks, you’re the best!
    — Gina (07-08-2008)
  158. The shades arrived and they look FABULOUS !!! Thank you for such a quality job. Definitely worth waiting for. Will try to send you more and will recommend you to others. Thanx again.
    — Dan (07-02-2008)
  159. I got the vase and want to thank you both. The repair which was super! And the careful packing.
    — Nan (04-14-2008)
  160. The goblet is truly gorgeous. It is more beautiful than before it was broken. I know my friend will be so very pleased. Thank you both so much!!!
    — Rhonda (04-14-2008)
  161. Thank you so much. I was impressed how the glass was packed and arrived safely. Honestly, I cannot tell that it is not original. What great workmanship. Thank you again.
    — Joyce (04-12-2008)
  162. Received my Roly/Poly, in perfect shape. It is beautiful. Thank you again so very much. You are miracle workers.
    — Lura (04-10-2008)
  163. I wanted to take this opportunity to “Thank-you” so very much for the professional repair of a perfume stopper you repaired at the Serendipity Show in Reno, Nevada, on the 30th of March, 2008. I’ve had that stopper on my desk for 3 years and it made me so happy to put the repaired stopper back into the perfume bottle… Best of Luck in your coming years…Bless you always.
    — Anita (04-04-2008)
  164. I got the glasses just fine. They look beautiful. Thank you for working so hard to fix them.
    — Barbara (04-02-2008)
  165. Got the package today & am so pleased! Thank you so much.
    — Diana (03-31-2008)
  166. Received vase today. THANK YOU. It looks perfect again. If Galle himself were still alive, he wouldn’t know it was ever chipped.
    — Steve (03-29-2008)
  167. Okay, so where do I post a recommendation!! LOL! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the work you did! It is absolutely flawless and even my grandmother won’t ever know that it was repaired! Thank you so much for such beautiful work and restoring my great grandmother’s piece!
    — Michelle (03-22-2008)
  168. Just wanted to let you know that the glasses arrived today and look great!!!! Ya’ll did a great job and we will definitely use you again as well as recommend you to all our friends. Thank you so much.
    — Cathy (03-21-2008)
  169. The vase arrived today. Looks Great! Thanks so much!
    — Barry (03-04-2008)
  170. Hi Jan, Wow!!! The piece looks good as new, thanks so much!!!!
    — Gina (02-01-2008)
  171. I received my repaired items yesterday. They were very well packed and arrived in great condition. I want to compliment you on the great job you did repairing everything. They are BEAUTIFUL!!!. Thank You.
    — Colleen (01-15-2008)
  172. The shade arrived safe and sound yesterday and the repair was just fantastic! I couldn’t have been more pleased with the result, and want to thank you and Wayne for your most professional and efficient handling of my order. You offer a very unique and quality service and I will be pleased to recommend you to my friends. Thank you again and best regards.
    — Sharon (01-10-2008)
  173. Just received the repaired items and Wayne, you have done another excellent, excellent job again!! My wife thinks that the vaseline finial replacement looks better than the original and I totally agree. Everything that you worked on has exceeded our expectations.
    — Ron (12-10-2007)
  174. The cobalt cut to clear bowl arrived today and it is impossible to see where you smoothed out the rim.
    — John (12-04-2007)
  175. Got the stopper yesterday and you did a wonderful job. Thanks so much.
    — Dottie (12-04-2007)
  176. I received my lamp shade yesterday and it is beautiful. It is now hanging back on the lamp. You did an excellent job. Seeing the pieces a few months ago I never really thought it would be hanging on the lamp again.
    — Bob (12-04-2007)
  177. Thanks so very much for a beautiful job on the bowl; it arrived today and looks as good as new. I appreciate your working on this project.
    — Gail (12-03-2007)
  178. The glass carafe arrived safely……..Thank you as always for a superb professional repair!!
    — Bruce (11-27-2007)
  179. I received the bottle and stopper today. The stopper looks fantastic! Great job! My daughter will be thrilled to properly use her great grandmother’s perfume bottle. Thanks again for making this happen.
    — Candace (11-26-2007)
  180. You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for restoring my Mom’s candlestick. It is fabulous. I will recommend you to anyone looking for your services. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.
    — Natalie (09-20-2007)
  181. A note to let you know all has arrived safely….. You are GREAT….. In other words “perfection achieved”! Best,
    — Bruce (06-20-2007)
  182. Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job. The salt and pepper shakers were a special gift from my mother. Certainly appreciate having the set whole again.
    — Lillian (06-15-2007)
  183. I received the bowl today and it is wonderful. Thank you so much for a good job.
    — Jane (12-29-2006)
  184. Good Morning. The sleigh arrived safe and sound. We are thrilled with the repair. I am excited for Christmas to give it as a gift to my mother-in-law. She will be very surprised and absolutely happy to it in one piece again. Thank you.
    — Mary (12-16-2006)
  185. I can’t remember whether or not I wrote you that I received the glasses and I can’t seem to find an e-mail in my outbox. Anyway, the glasses look great No one would ever know they were repaired. Thanks so much. Happy Holidays.
    — Paula (11-27-2006)
  186. Received items Monday, everything looked great. I appreciate the quality of the repairs. Thanks.
    — Tom (11-16-2006)
  187. I can’t believe so much time has gone by so quickly. Or that we have not written to you earlier. We are the couple who came by and, with your help, finally found Emmett and left a blue glass object with you for you to repair. We received it from you in September when we returned from Seattle and we are so very pleased with your work. It is just as beautiful as when it was brand new. Thank you so much for all your good work. Our very best to you.
    — Vern and Vi (11-11-2006)
  188. Just wanted you both to know the globe arrived and looks great in its old spot. Thank you Jan and Wayne for persevering in this repair. I can tell by looking at it that it must have been painstaking. It will never quite be the same, but it now has its own story to tell. And… you’re part of that story and the history of the mansion! Thank you very much to all of you for seeing this through.
    — Mark (10-23-2006)
  189. Hi there. Just wanted to let you know that we received the clown on 10/13/06 before I left for vacation. It looks great. Thanks for everything.
    — Nicole (10-22-2006)
  190. I received the package today, and thank you very much for the good work!
    — Maxine (10-21-2006)
  191. I just wanted to let you know, the repair was beautiful. My wife was amazed as she thought the glass was destroyed when she accidentally broke it. You guys made me a hero. Thanks again.
    — Jay (10-13-2006)
  192. The vase is perfect! A sincere thank you!
    — Sandra (09-11-2006)
  193. I am very sorry for not contacting you sooner. I wanted to let you know that the bottle is just perfect. Thank you.
    — Michelle (08-17-2006)
  194. I have to say that I am 100% thoroughly satisfied with your service. WOW! What a tremendous job you all did on my bowl. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for a job well done. I will definitely use your service again when I am in need of it. Take care.
    — Jonathan (08-10-2006)
  195. I just want to let you know that the item arrived intact — and I am very pleased with the finished product. You guys did a great job with the repair, and once again it is on my mantle in my living room. Thanks again, and if ever I or my friends are in need of glass repair services — you will hear from us again! Thanks.
    — Kathie (08-08-2006)
  196. I received the spooner today. What a great job!! I had to look very hard to see where the repair was made. Thanks again for such good work!
    — Pat (07-31-2006)
  197. The bottle & stopper arrived tonight safely. Looks great!!! Thank you.
    — Jerry (07-31-2006)
  198. Glassware arrived in perfect condition yesterday. Thanks for the highly professional, beautiful work. I’ll recommend you to my friends. With appreciation.
    — Dave (07-27-2006)
  199. I received the repaired compote today and all I can say is “Wow!!!!” I tried explaining how it was broken to my husband and he couldn’t detect any signs of repair. Thank you, thank you, thank you — you are a super organization.
    — Joyce (07-12-2006)
  200. The repair arrived yesterday — it is terrific. Excellent job. Thanks again, and I will contact you in the future with any other items.
    — Don (07-07-2006)
  201. The obelisk came today. I can’t tell you how thrilled we are with it. You did a fantastic job! I was so unhappy because I had broken such a treasure — you have rescued the obelisk and me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    — Bobbie (07-06-2006)
  202. The egg cup is here and it looks great. Thanks.
    — Sharon (06-26-2006)
  203. Received the bottle today. I am very impressed with your work and am certain we will do business again. Just outstanding!! Thanks and best to you.
    — Jeff (05-08-2006)
  204. Hello. The goblet arrived today, and I am absolutely thrilled. I can’t even tell there’s a new base. Thank you so very, very much! The packing job was a work of artistry in itself. Thank you beyond words!
    — Sybil (04-21-2006)
  205. My box came yesterday with the repairs you did. Thanks for the good restoration job. I felt you were able to restore a pleasing shape to the damaged parts of my bottles.
    — Lisa (04-18-2006)
  206. I received the pitcher you repaired for me and could not be more delighted. It is absolutely beautiful. You had to have done an excellent job on the repair because I can not tell it ever had any damage. I did not see it before, but if I didn’t know it, I would not be able to tell it had been repaired. Thank you so very much. You are indeed very talented and I’ll look forward to doing more business with you in the future.
    — Rhonda (04-17-2006)
  207. Good job. Thank you.
    — Andrew (04-14-2006)
  208. You recently repaired a piece of art glass for me and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did.
    — Amy (03-29-2006)
  209. Hello, I received the glasses in excellent condition. You did a beautiful job, they look great!!!!! Thank you very much.
    — Betty (03-13-2006)
  210. Hello! I received the vase Thursday – It looks so wonderful! Thank you very much for fixing it for us. Now instead of being wrapped up in pieces on the dusty back shelf, it is out, shining, and a pleasure to see.
    — Becky (03-11-2006)
  211. Vase arrived today. Thank you very much. It’s better than I thought it would be. Thanks.
    — Gloria (03-05-2006)
  212. I can’t begin to tell you how pleased and thrilled I am with the repair you did on my candleholders. They are just beautiful. Thank you again so very much.
    — Nancy (12-07-2005)
  213. Wanted to thank you for the marvelous job you did on the chipped Steuben pieces we sent you. There is just no way of telling that any damage happened to these items. You are indeed the “best.” Thanks.
    — Marcia & Don (11-29-2005)
  214. Items received today and I must say you did an incredible job! I will have another batch of glass for you after the holidays. Thanks again and Happy Holidays!
    — Ron (11-23-2005)
  215. I received my repaired stopper today! I’ve looked it over very carefully. I have to say it looks excellent! Thanks for such a great job, and the packaging was very neat and carefully done. I will highly recommend your work and should I need you again I’ll drop you a line. Again, Thanks so much.
    — Allen (11-16-2005)
  216. We received the tumblers and I am very pleased with the results. They are better than I expected. I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I know who needs crystal repairs.
    — Peg D. (07-02-2005)
  217. Just received my repaired Salviati goblet; outstanding work! Thank you so much!
    — Cathy J., Polk City, Florida (04-15-2005)
  218. Jan, I received the level lenses today in good order. I am very pleased with the new lens. Thanks you again for helping me restore a great old level. I hope that we can do business again. Regards,
    — Tim D. (04-08-2005)
  219. Dear Jan & Wayne, I just want to thank you for the great job you did on my Lalique plate. It took me a long time searching the net to find your company, but it was worth it. Thanks again,
    — Ronnie F. (04-08-2005)
  220. Dear Jan, Late last week we received our repaired goblet. We examined it closely but could not detect where the repair had been made. We returned it to our hutch along with the other five in the set. Today we began packing all the articles in the hutch getting ready for a major home remodel. Now, we cannot even tell which is the goblet that was repaired. Thank you also for the the information you provided on the pattern and manufacturing history on this style of crystal. We are very pleased with your service and the quality of the repair work! Sincerely,
    — Larry and Nancy L. (03-16-2005)
  221. Hi, Jan, The glass box arrived today. It looks beautiful. You did a really nice job on it. Thank You so much for all you help and email. I will keep you in mind for more repairs in the future. Aloha,
    — Mike, Hawaii (11-09-2004)
  222. Hi Jan. A final followup. The box arrived today safe and sound. I know all your customers must say this, but I’m absolutely thrilled with the results. I never knew such miracles were possible!
    — Nikki S. (07-25-2003)
  223. Hi, the glasses have arrived in great shape. Once again, thanks for your work on these, they look great!
    — Bob B. (07-16-2003)
  224. The cake plate arrived here safely today. Thank you for doing such a beautiful job!
    — Jane M. (06-26-2003)
  225. The package arrived in good shape. Thank you. The crack looks good and the little fill on the top is wonderful.
    — Otto Henke (06-22-2003)
  226. The goblets arrived in “mint” condition. Thank you again for a professional job. Thank you.
    — Judy (06-04-2003)
  227. Hi Jan! Pitcher received safe and sound. Beautiful job! If I weren’t honest I could advertise it as “No Repairs”! Thanks!
    — John (05-30-2003)
  228. Received the glass items. THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. I would never have believed that that glass would have been repaired in such a way that I cannot even tell it was ever broken. You guys are amazing. Thanks for everything and hope to have future business with you.
    — Sherry D. (01-07-2003)
  229. Dear Jan, the elephants look absolutely beautiful. My boss thought they were new. Thank you so much.
    — Carolyn W. (09-06-2002)
  230. Hi! I did receive it, and it is absolutely perfect! Thanks so much for working on it. I now have it in a protected place on my desk, so no one knocks it off its stand again! Thank you! You do beautiful work!
    — Ann D. (08-26-2002)
  231. Hi. Received the pink perfume bottle and stopper. You did a great job on the repair and fitting! Thanks.
    — Theresa P. (08-17-2002)
  232. Jan and Wayne, The fork and spoon arrived today. I want to tell you what a FANTASTIC job you did on putting that star in the spoon. It is really beautiful. I thoroughly believe in referrals when someone does quality work like you. With your approval, I will recommend you to all I know who need engraving work. Thanks again for a professional, quality job.
    — Susan K. (08-09-2002)
  233. Hi Wayne and Jan! My husband was in Pasadena today so, being a good guy, he picked up the repaired butter dish. It looks wonderful!! Thank you! I hope you both are enjoying a wonderful weekend.
    — Dorienne (06-02-2002)
  234. Hi Jan! The goblets arrived safely and are beautifully repaired. Thanks so much. I will send you more from time-to-time.
    — John (05-21-2002)
  235. Hello again, The dish came today and I am amazed. I honestly can’t find where the chip was. Thanks so very much!
    — Barry (05-15-2002)
  236. Wayne: the vase arrived yesterday and it looks fantastic. Thanks for the excellent work. I actually like it better with the bubble glass resting on the foot. Thanks, also for the fast turn-around. My mom will be pleased. Take care, Donna
    — Donna Z., Downers Grove, IL (04-19-2002)
  237. Dear Jan and Wayne: Add me to what I’m sure is an ever-growing list of satisfied customers. The vase repair you did is wonderful. It fits perfectly back in the silver holder and the repair looks very professional. No one could tell from looking at the vase as it now appears that at one time it had a huge chunk of glass missing from the bottom. We have already used it, putting some blooming lilacs from the garden in it last night. I am thrilled with the work you do and your courteous and friendly communications, and I will definitely send you more business. Thanks again, Bernie D.
    — Bernie D. (04-17-2002)
  238. The panels arrived in perfect condition. Only one problem … the ones you made look better than the original :). Thanks for a great job.
    — Malcolm K., Luzerne, PA (03-31-2002)
  239. Just to let you know that the candleholders arrived in good order. Let me say that we were more than impressed with the results. We would recommend your service to any person we know that needs that sort of thing done. We have several friends that are collectors and occasionally they have need of your services. Once again, thank you very much for your attention and prompt response.
    — Don and Sharon M. (01-26-2002)
  240. Hi Jan– Just wanted to let you know I received the bowl back from you and it is wonderful! You do amazing work and I know my grandmom will be so pleased. Thanks so very much.
    — Fern (01-14-2002)
  241. Hello, Wayne. My pitcher arrived today, and I want to thank you for such a great job. It looks beautiful! You are very talented, my friend. Happy New Year to you and Jan.
    — Joartis H. (01-02-2002)
  242. Hi Jan/Wayne, Please be advised that I received the glass and am very pleased with your work. This is the first time I’ve seen anything that you’ve cut and leveled like this and it came out much better than I had imagined. Once again, continue to be impressed by the work of a true craftsman! The blue compote is a whole lot prettier that the plain crystal glass she grew from. Very pretty piece that I’ll be proud to display. The little red cordial is great too. I’ve got a pair of the real ones that are quite valuable. I think I’ll keep this one and sell one of them 🙂 Thanks again. Now I’m really looking forward to seeing the two blue tulip cocktails, which I think will be goreous.
    — Dave S. (10-26-2001)
  243. I received it today! Thank you! It looks great. I will keep it far away from my kitten this time. Thanks for being there, and I promise to refer many people to you! Until next time….
    — Nicole (10-25-2001)
  244. Hi Jan, I received the milk glass globe today and it looks wonderful. Thank you so very much! It means a lot to me.
    — Karen (10-18-2001)
  245. Jan—Received the epergne Saturday (13th). It was not harmed in the shipping. You did a beautiful job repairing it. I have it sitting in my china cabinet now. If I have the opportunity to recommend you to anyone, I will be happy to do so. Thanks–
    — Jeanne V. (10-16-2001)
  246. I wanted to thank you for another amazing glass repair, there really came out even better then I thought possible (the gilding around one of the rims where there was a chip repair is still present as though nothing ever happened!). Thanks, and I’ll see you at the show in November.
    — Brian S. (09-23-2001)
  247. Nice Job!!!!! We received the vase today and we are very pleased! Thanks and we will spread the word on your capabilities! Thanks again.
    — Dan and Alice (09-17-2001)
  248. Wayne, I received the tumbler today. I can’t believe how great it looks!!!!!!!!!! I will definitely will be sending you additional items (sent to your P.O. address of course!) If you run across ANY PSA glassware I will buy it. The tumbler you fixed so well was a give away to dignitaries etc. to celebrate the opening of a PSA station. I have four different stations so far. Can you take out scratches and rub marks on a similar tumbler? Thanks again.
    — Jeff “A very satisfied customer” D. (09-07-2001)
  249. We recieved plate today in one piece.You can add us to your list of satisfied customers.Thank you.
    — Giovanni (09-06-2001)
  250. I picked up my pitcher from Sue and Tanna (I hope I remember their names correctly) this afternoon. I am very pleased with the repair. Thank you! (Because you said the repair would show a bit, I was not surprised to see the tiny speck of clear glass at the spout.) It came back in far better condition than I sent it out to you! I hope that your business continues to thrive and, forgive me but I think you’ll understand, I hope it’ll be a loooong time before I need your expert services again! 😀
    — Dorienne E. (09-02-2001)
  251. Hi, Jan & Wayne, I received my bottles to day and they all look wonderful. Thanks again for your beautiful work
    — Anne M. (08-13-2001)
  252. Hi, Wayne and Jan, Well, after all this time, thanks to you and your knowledge, the candelabra is together again. This has been packed since 1977 and never knew we would ever get it together again, as some people we took it to said they couldn’t do anything with it. So glad we found you guys.
    — Joe D. (07-24-2001)
  253. My lovely cup arrived in perfect shape and i thank you so much! No one but “thee and me” would know that it was repaired. Much appreciate your talent.
    — Pat H. (07-20-2001)
  254. Hi! The tray arrived safely a couple of days ago. What a splendid repair job! Thanks so much, and I look forward to getting the other pieces soon.
    — Todd (07-20-2001)
  255. It was a pleasure meeting the both of you and you guys repaired what we’ve had stored in the garage for 20 years. Thank you very much and will file your card for future references. A special thanks again for doing the repair. Thanks.
    — Joe D. (07-19-2001)
  256. The glass arrived in good order yesterday. The blowout bowl looks fantastic! I can’t find the repair or see where the blank is thinner. Thank you very much for a great job and doing it so timely.
    — Franz H. (06-19-2001)
  257. The goblet arrived yesterday, very well-protected I must say!:) I thought I’d need a Jaws of Life to get to it! Thank you for being so careful with it. It is one of the few things I have that belonged to my grandmother, and I’m glad that you were able to do such a nice job of repairing it. If I ever have the misforturne to damage some other piece of glass, I’ll definitely send it to you. Do you also repair china, or do you know of anyone who does? My mother has a pair of china Afghan Hounds, one sitting and one lying down with its legs extended to the front, and the lying one had its front legs broken off by my brothers’ antics when he was three or four (17 now). I’d like to get them fixed for her as a surprise. Thanks again!
    — Corinne J. (06-16-2001)
  258. I received the murano fish today that I sent to you for repair. It looks wonderful–there is no trace of the damage. Thank you for your kind attention and professional service. I was unaware that glass could be repaired. I will be sure to tell anyone who needs similar services about Montano Glass Repair. Thank you once again!
    — K Schrader (03-24-2001)
  259. …Got the tumblers back. Thank you for the excellent repair!
    — Aram (12-09-2000)
  260. Item received in fine condition. Fantastic job on the item and the packaging was Superb…. thanks again I will be recommending you to others who may be in need of glass repair…
    — Rich M., Durham, New Hampshire (10-13-2000)
  261. …got the dolphin and it looks beautiful! Thank you for all you went through to fix it for me, it really has quite a bit of sentimental value for us. Have a great day.
    — Karen B. (08-17-2000)
  262. Glass arrived yesterday in good condition and repairs great as always…
    — Roy A. (08-01-2000)
  263. I received the bowl on Saturday and you did a wonderful job of putting the pieces back together. Thank you so much. It is better than I hoped for. Thanks again.
    — Kathy O. (07-27-2000)
  264. I wanted to write you and say how happy I am with my pink satin glass lamp shade. You did a beautiful job. The crack is invisible now and where you filled in the big hunk on the rim is perfect…
    — Jeanine D., Liberty, New York (06-12-2000)
  265. Thank you so much for the super fast repair of my wine glass. I am speechless, the repair is perfect, I didn’t imagine it would look so good…I will have no reservations sending my dear pieces of crystal to you…
    — Frances P. (02-25-2000)
  266. …I received the bowl yesterday and it looks great. Thanks again.
    — Glenn (12-29-1999)
  267. Thanks much for fixing the 1961 Derby Glass! It arrived without problem and you did a very nice job…I’ll recommend you to anyone I can.
    — Gary (07-05-1999)